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    Crop Hoodie and Joggers

    Whether you’re on for a evening stroll or hang out with friends . . . And style is your thing!

    Look no further, welcome to the home of style. With our suxthreads hoodie & matching Joggers . . . You’re ready to step into that event looking chic!

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    A design inspired by the great ‘Benin Art’ originated from the old Benin Kingdom now a very essential part of Nigeria, West Africa. The art was looted over 100 years ago but it’s influence to creatives can’t be undermined.

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    Shots on Shots

    “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” Words by hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky 
    These words have inspired people from different walks of life which also inspired us to send a message out to you.


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    Simple Thread

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

    This is one of the finest designs ever made, with it’s high definition of simplicity and ability to come in several colours, a properly ribbed neck and spacious room for the bearer.

    Your request will be met.

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    Sux Bucket Hat

    Our bucket hats were creatively crafted to give you that classic but trendy vibe, some consider it obsolete but with our style, we remind them “OLD IS GOLD”

    Get your Sux bucket hats today, available in multiple colours.

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    SUX Crop Hoodie and Split Short

    Long sleeve hoodie, crop top along with SUX slit shorts.

    A quality material with the wind blowing your hair on the beach while still warm inside.

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    Sux Face Caps

    Our 100% cotton quality Suxthreads caps you can stay protected from the rays while oozing of nothing but classy energy . . .

    Funk up your style with sux!

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    Suxcity Montage

    A carefully created retro design “Suxcity” available as oversized Tees, ooze in ELEGANCE with Suxthreads.

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    The Spaceship Edition

    Why stay on earth alone when you can do both, Suxthreads is giving you the opportunity to vibe with the aliens and astronauts.