Suxcity Music Distro

We advise that you read and digest the content of this brief properly before appending your signature in anticipation of doing business with Suxcity Music Distro

Executive Summary

Long gone are the days when music fans have to necessarily stay glued to their TV set or tune in to their favourite radio stations to listen to some good tunes. The ample digital platforms that now exist avail virtually all music fans to have access

[and listen]

to songs from their favourite artistes while on the go – mostly via their smartphones. It is therefore incumbent that any artiste wishing to have his/her songs reach a wide(r) audience in this age and time, maximize the opportunities that are available through digital platforms.

We understand that, amidst numerous engagements and undertakings an artiste may be obliged to attend and/or perform, maintaining a good presence that drives commendable traffic may prove overly tasking and even unyielding. This is where Suxcity Music comes in to bridge the gap; ensuring the sound promotion [and wider distribution] of your brand and content(s).

Suxcity Music is registered company that has its operational base in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a brand promotion company with major interest in bringing songs across different genres to the hearing of music lovers thus helping to create better awareness and/or reach for your contents. Suxcity Music was established in

2019 and is owned by LARUNSI BABAJIDE C. who is a music freak himself.


Our Mission at Suxcity Music is to provide outstanding consultancy to our Clients in a wide range of music genres including artist development, marketing, promotion, advertising, song writing, composing, arranging, protection of intellectual property,

publishing, distribution, producing and merchandising, accountability along with advanced career guidance and direction.


We pursue a goal of operating at a high standard in managing music license and copyrights, song promotion and royalty collection

Why Us?

Our reputation precedes us as we are determined to give our clients nothing but the quality service delivery in the aspect of music distribution; making use of the best digital platforms available. Furthermore, your success story is an end that brings us fulfilment.

DIAMOND – Premium category
– Promotion of 5 songs on digital platforms under the name, “Suxcity Music “
– Sponsored ads on social media platforms
– Design of stickers and posters for 2 songs [chosen by the artiste]
GOLD – Promotion of 4 songs on digital platforms under the name, “Suxcity Music “
– Promotion on social media platforms – Design of posters and stickers for one song [chosen by the artiste]
SILVER – Promotion of 3 songs on digital platforms under the name, “Suxcity Music “
– Promotion on social media Platforms
BRONZE – Promotion of 2 songs on digital platforms under the name, “Suxcity Music “
– Limited social media promotion