Lareez have a high standard of music and are very versatile, this is very evident in their music which crosses over several genres even though they mostly work on Afrobeats.

Adewale Isiaka Sanni and Edward Seyi Larunsi professionally known as Lareez were born on January 31 and November 10, 1994 respectively, they formed their group in 2011 for a high school competition and have been chasing the price together ever since. Lareez released their debut track TOUCHED in 2011 and 2 follow ups BAMIJO and ROLL 4 ME in 2012. In 2015, Nigerian singers Lareez came 2nd in the white Xmas competition hosted by Jemima Events and MTV Base, with the release of their song LIFE which got the most engagement at the time with thousands of streams and got on the playlist of some C-list Nigerian Artistes. in 2016 came 3rd in the Beat99 Radio Superstar contest which was a big credit to the brand. They followed up in 2017 with the release of OLE. Till date they’ve been giving it their all with back to back song covers and releases of their original contents.