Sweet Melody E.P (THE REVIEW)

By: Larunsi Babajide

In recent times the Nigerian Music Industry and a major part of the world has embraced the Extended Play/Mini Album (E.P) culture and it has no doubt been a plus and better way to judge new set of artistes, it’s considered better than singles as there’s usually more than four songs giving fans and music heads a better chance to judge the talent and dexterity of the artiste.

Shittu Ganiu professionally know as S gee also partook of this with the release of his eight track E.P “Sweet Melody” on Saturday 30th of January, 2021.

The Sweet Melody E.P which was released under the imprint Sony Jojo Entertainment (SJE) and has since been getting a lot of love home and abroad as the project can be categorized into 5:

  • Sex playlist
  • Wedding song
  • Gratitude
  • Trap and House Music
    Even though his mainstay can be referred to as Afro beats he did well by involving other genres on this amazing project.

Sweet Melody started fresh with Carolina, a jam of about 111 BPM, a perfect song for a “s*x playlist” regarding the explicit content. “Girl you know you turn me on, when you call me sweet melody.”
Carolina is a song that expresses the high level of romance shown by a male lover towards the opposite gender. The song comprises a solid and memorable chorus, top notch verses and a sound production.

Super Song for a Super woman,
The Second track titled Superman falls under an average Nigerian Wedding song category. A perfect love demonstration with the famous Nigerian saying “Nibi ni ma kusi abi Super Mario.” Considering previous S gee songs you’ll know he is for sure a romantic, the song contains exotic lines of promises and assurance for the female partner.

“No Forget” is the third track on the Sweet Melody E.P, and the second track off the project. The tune is very well influenced by the South African “House Music” even though the instrumental had some other complex percussion making it differ from the regular house instrumentals we’ve heard. The blend of RnB and house music properly showcased itself immediately the song advanced the bridge to give a thick sensitivity to the “Sweet Melody.”

In Nigeria LAMBA is used when a brethren or sister has told lies way above the ordinary.
“Carry am go” is centered around a damsel S gee fell in love with and hoping to getting married to but the love died as soon as it started as it was laid on a strong foundation “Lori Iro.” He went on to say “I don tire to hear good morning when be say na night we been dey.” which explains the height of lies and deceit. A call and response technique was used in the chorus making it catchy and highly memorable. The song is produced by Weird One, Mixed & Mastered by S gee (She2Sound).

“The Way you Whine Whine, girl you gimme Ginger”
the above line started the fifth track on the sweet melody EP titled “Oga Thomas” the song was produced, mixed and mastered by Psalm Jazzy, entire thing written by Ganiu Shittu. The Song arguably has one of the best hook bounces, it tampers with the brain whenever “Sikiratu Sindodo baby baby malo fararo…” comes up.

Sweet Melody tased me as a shocker came out first with the drag and cough feeling then came the saxophone and snare. I never expected the trap 808 kick that followed or a trap song on the Sweet Melody E.P, interestingly that was just the tip as bars began to drop “Zuckerberg lowo omo ko f’enu shey.” This song came as a surprise but being a masterpiece didn’t as I’ve never doubted the talent and level of diversity ever since 2014 when S gee and Lareez did Ara mo daa.

You obviously never expected a vote of thanks in an E.P? Well S gee’s Sweet Melody changed that as the seventh number stands for perfection and the song “Grace” is basically to appreciate all the people that supported and still supports his brand. The song equally spoke words to those who didn’t support as they’ve been a source of inspiration, shout out to those that use their grace positively. “If you dey see grace, no use am disgrace another man.”

The First song off the Sweet Melody E.P featured Yoruba street-hop artiste Q dot after a launch meeting at an apartment which linked him and S gee to freestyle a new Chorus and later led to the smash hit Iyanu Mashele, the message of this song is deeper than deep as it stands for assurance that all will fall in place and work as planned. This tune was produced by Rhaffy and mixed by Psalm Jazzy (Jazzy Mix).

The beauty of the Sweet Melody E.P is equally related with its proper blend of multiple genres, just one feature and massive delivery. More importantly the contribution of other creatives who worked alongside the protagonist, the guitarist on track 2 gave his all with an awesome arrangement, the saxophonist on “Put in work” delivered like a midwife and no doubt the balancing of each song was top notch.