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    SUX Split Shorts

    There’s something wholesome about stepping out with classy SUX shorts . . . You know this! We know this!

    That’s why we bring you our Suxthreads certified cotton yet dapper comfy shorts

    Our shorts are “rockable” to your various shindigs! Be it on the beach, in da house or in-door-street.

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    Suxcity Baseball Shirt

    A baseball shirt design in our custom number and outdoor colour, specially made for you.

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    Suxcity Montage

    A carefully created retro design “Suxcity” available as oversized Tees, ooze in ELEGANCE with Suxthreads.

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    The Spaceship Edition

    Why stay on earth alone when you can do both, Suxthreads is giving you the opportunity to vibe with the aliens and astronauts.

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    White Sux

    A quick peep at our vogue one hundred percent white cotton Top, SUX print (F) and SUXCITY print (B).