Why Us?

Our reputation precedes us as we are determined to give our clients nothing but the quality service delivery in the aspect of music distribution; making use of the best digital platforms available. Furthermore, your success story is an end that brings us fulfilment.


Our Mission at Suxcity Music is to provide outstanding consultancy to our Clients in a
wide range of music genres including artist development, marketing, promotion,
advertising, song writing, composing, arranging, protection of intellectual property,
publishing, distribution, producing and merchandising, accountability along with
advanced career guidance and direction.




We pursue a goal of operating at a high standard in managing music license and
copyrights, song promotion and royalty collection.


A collection of Skilled African Youths
Larunsi Jide

Larunsi Jide


Digital Designer and Boy with Big Dreams.

Fasasi Ubby

Fasasi Ubby

Social Media Manager

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Okikiola Juwon

Okikiola Juwon

Road Manager

Road Manager to the team (Lareez)

Ruby Von Rails

Ruby Von Rails

Lead Developer

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